“The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man, the reflection of his own face.”


Reflections are mysteriously impounding; I remember spending hours during my childhood vacations, endlessly looking at the reflections of beautiful trees, busy birds, moving clouds and even my Self in the serene waters of the pond in our ancestral home.

I am just back from a holiday to Yellowstone National Park, WY. The sights were simply amazing. A dreamer’s paradise! It took me back to those days where the only thoughts that occupied my mind were the whys and hows of Nature and Creation.



We drove around the Park early one morning to snap some sunrise shots. Yellowstone’s lakes are very beautiful and sunrise was the best time to capture reflections on it’s calm and still waters. 


Reflections,  I decided that morning, will have to be the theme of my next post.






2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Our fading innocence, in a world of cut throat competition and mad race about god knows what, springs right back when we cut ourselves off from the hustle bustle of the world….and CONNECT to Nature even for a brief period. Imagine what it can do to us, if we never lose this connection! Thanks for the pictures…they r naturally inspiring!

  2. those are very pretty pics suvarna 🙂 thanks a ton for stopping by my blog and liking it 🙂 its become a huge passion now, you know.. really enjoy food blogging!

    do drop by again if time permits 🙂

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