Lights, Camera, Action!


No matter how many movies I watch, after every movie (even the not so good ones), I spend at least a minute wondering how they do it (of course for Titanic, I think I spent a whole month!). This movie making is such a thought provoking affair!

I guess the success lies not only in the freshness of the script but the entire effort that goes into it. It is not just about the story, actors or technical excellence but bringing them all together. I mean, just wait for a movie to end and watch the names appear. . there are so many of them!! Organizing all these folks, in itself is such a herculean task, leave alone getting the best out of them. To add to the complication, we are talking about artists and technicians – professionals in their own fields from whom expertise has to be drawn in such a way that the whole idea doesn’t really change from its original but still gets enough modifications to make it the best.

Imagine people who are successful each time they make a movie like say, Steven Spielberg. I have no clue who does what behind the scenes, but imagine the kind of motivation, leadership and people skills that goes into the whole process!

And how tough can it get when it comes to an animated movie?! The effort is enormous. I saw a video on youtube made by an animation film maker. He has made a 10 minute animated film on how to make animated films. Absolutely simple and crisp but with such good team work from his fellow technicians and artists.

You might be wondering where I am going with this, but the thought I am trying to convey here is that good movies can be such a wonderful source of inspiration for the message they convey not only on screen, but from behind it as well! Give it a thought sometime ..


4 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action!

  1. We really ought to give a serious eye to movies. Specially us Indians. We have no undoubtedly made some good movies and the standard of movies is steadily improving i must say, considering how it had fallen during the 90s.

    I think really memorable movies are not the ones which have been executed to perfection, it takes much more than that. It requires above all else the genius and a vision.

    I was heartening to read that your appreciate animated movies! im a big fan and most people fail to realise the hardwork and creativity involved and call them as cartoons. no! The manner in which animated movies filter away all the textures and distractions to focus on a single subject, character or emotion is amazing!

  2. Thanks man!
    yeah, you’re right, its the vision, in fact the collective vision of the team that makes some of them come out so well.
    I guess, the reason our cinema is getting back in track from the 90s is because of the popularity of media and internet. People are watching more of foreign films and reviewing movies from a qualitative point of view. Also, in Indian cinema i think opportunities are plenty now; with television fishing out talent, more institutes focussing on finer technical aspects of movie making, sources of funding for the right talent becoming easier, people also looking at options abroad to learn more and come back to implement them here.


  3. Hey guys,

    Yes, it is a very tough process. Making films is not easy, it is a collabarative art. I have been in this profession for 13 years and everybodys effort should be appreciated.
    just a few notes to enlighten people about this trade
    1) the Director makes an actor
    2) The audience makes this actor a super star
    so without the director and the audience these super star wouldn’t be what they are

    more later

  4. Thank you Sgb. Nothing like hearing it from the experienced man.
    Please do share more about yourself/your experiences.

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