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As the US goes into recession, H1 IT job market has started looking a bit gloomy for now(like my font). The job sites are still full of requirements, but one would wonder if all of them are real. Looks like there is a lot of effort from the numerous players to try and play it down so they can keep candidates and companies as confident and positive as ever.

I strongly feel that it is high time one thought of sharpening his existing skills and expanding his base. If job requirements reduce while candidates available increase, it will become a tough competition. We have been seeing some companies fishing for multiple skilled candidates, even combinations like Java-VBA-Oracle, so they can get two jobs done for the cost of one. Of course nobody is to be blamed since that is the present situation. Budgets are lower, hence, the pressure to find the best fit is high.

Prospective/existing candidates must look to widen their skill set, constantly update current skills, take brain bench tests/earn certifications, concentrate on their industry domain of interest and importantly, improve communication skills.

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