YemBeeYae — Why do it?

They say you learn more from your mistakes. My ‘gyan’ on why one should do an MBA comes from my ‘no gyan’ when I decided to do it or even when I did it!

Ask me and I would say don’t do an MBA if you don’t know what it means to you, if you don’t know how it adds value to your self/career, if you think it’s just a big bait to fish out a well paying job. No, that’s not it! Why do you think companies would want to hire MBAs? They want your ability to see the bigger picture in aspects concerning the company. They want you to analyze where they stand, what they are capable of, where they can get to, how soon they can get there, why certain things do not happen the way they should and what is to be done to make them happen. In short, they want you to lead the way.

Now you may think that this is not a real world situation and all jobs don’t throw this kind of experience. Like, when I was handling retail banking operations in ICICI, I was responsible to handle teams that processed checks and opened accounts. I never saw a big picture when I started off. I was frustrated, is this why I did an MBA? Slowly I realized, the catch is to visualize the large scenario in smaller ones and relate it to other scenarios and then think from a company point of view. Its fun, real fun, because then you start realizing that you of course can make a difference to your company. Now I know why those case studies were a relevant part of my course!
You need to go in there with a perspective.

Well, this applies to anything you do. But your ability to see the big picture is the very stress of this 2 year rigorous course. Its not just your content, but how you present it, how you can make people relate to it; not just about numbers, but how you apprehend them; not about selling products or services but selling yourself.
Now what I just said may have many counter arguments. I myself can think of at least 7 of them. But my point is not whether or not you should do an MBA, but if you are doing it you better know why and do it well. And this again holds true to anything you do.

 p.s – you can check out my next article on an overview of MBA in India


36 thoughts on “YemBeeYae — Why do it?

  1. Hi,
    Nice article ……a guideline for all confused ones………
    I would also like to ask one small querry for myself. I am a developer cum designer working in FLASH AS2 environment but I am not satisfied with the pace of my development.I too wish to reach the higher levels. I am already a graduate (BCA) and post graduate in M.Sc(IT) and also a multimedia diploma holder. So how would an MBA be beneficial for me ? And should I go for an MBA regular, or disatnce learning from Symbiosis can also work well for me.
    I m really in a mess pls help if you could.

  2. Thanks Shailley!
    Am glad you left a comment and thanks for calling it a guideline. 🙂
    I understand you’re into the IT field. Most IT qualified students take up the systems specialisation to give that management touch to an IT job.
    Profiles like Business Analyst, Quality analyst/specialists/ERP consultants/ are in great demand.
    If you are interested in a developer or purely technical position, its better to do an MCA. With an MBA ideally you would be more into consulting, business development or quality management.

    Symbiosis distance education can be considered if you want to pursue your current job side by side. Symbi has a good brand name. But i would suggest you take up a fulltime course not with a run of the mill low grade institute but a good one.
    You can check my blog article on an overview about MBA in India. I guess it will be of help 🙂
    Do get back to me if you need to know more.

  3. Hi…….
    Good one..but I am from B.A. with special subject English. I have got call from IBM,IIMT,EMPI, for MBA.I want to persue this course because I want to become a corporate leader. I have a good analytical skill. can you suggest me, should I apply this reason on interview as to why MBA?

  4. Hi Hardik,
    First thing is that MBA can be done regardless of your graduate degree subject. And if you are confident of your analytical skills, nothing like it, because good analytical skills is a basic req for the course.
    Your reason as to wanting to be a corporate leader is ambitious but the interview panels look for more specific answers. You should be more specific, like, they might ask you after doing BA Eng, why you thgt of pursuing mba. You must be prepared for such questions.
    They will be looking for precise, logical and positive answers rather more broad answers.
    You must convince them that you are very clear about what you want to do in your career!
    Hope that helped!
    Also, which is this institute called IBM that you mentioned? Do review carefully the placement prospects of all institutes before you proceed.
    Good Luck!

  5. Hi Suvarna:

    I really liked the message that you conveyed. I am workin for a company called Nortel in Maryland, USA. I graduated wid a MS degree in CS in 2006 n hav’been wrkin sicne then as a sf. engg. I joined Univ of Maryland n goin to start up my MBA classes next week. I had to prepare an “About me” page and “purpose” of doing MBA for the class. I never really gave a thot to that other than thinkin that it is a easy way of earnin big bucks!!! Now, atleast now….I realise the reason for which i shud b doin this course….

    thx for openin a door of knwledge…Good luck wid ur future endeavors. I added your blog page into my favourites…:) Realisation comezzz slowly…heehee

    Cheers bud,
    Kalyan Tangirala

  6. heyy thanks a lot Kalyan. I feel strongly that ppl go in to their courses with that attitude. Good luck for your classes. Sometime later you could probably key in some of your experiences in an International b-school. It will be good reading for me as well as anyone who drops by.

  7. Hi,

    I really liked the message that you conveyed. In that you have specified that doing an MBA regularly is good than distance learning, but i hve started to do in distance, but the university which I have choosen is bharathiar university and ofcourse before selecting it, I browsed and I came to know that its a good ranking school, with b-grade, so thats why I decided to do in it, so, wht is your opinion regarding it?And if i have received these messages before me joining for an MBA then it would be quite more better for my future plans.:)

    Cheers to you,
    Priya 🙂

  8. Yes, I would recommend full time course than a distance education unless there are strong reasons like part time job etc. My point is that when you do a distance course, you miss out on some of the good facilities like regular interaction with well qualified professors, library and databases, b-school activities and regular team/group work and discussions. But Bharathiar univ does have a very good reputation.
    Now that you are into the course, dont ask anybody for opinions, just be determined and do well. There are many stories of people who have done distant mba and made it to the top of the corporate ladder. So everything depends on you!

  9. Hi Suvarna:

    I am back again. Ain’t sure if i can discuss these things here. Woooo…Even before my classes started, we have already been assigned numerous assignments n stuff….toooo many article to read n to answer. Man!!!! it is not so easy!!!!! I am already scared n a lil nervous hehe……neverthless I will DO IT….

    Priya Menon!! I agree wid Suvarna in part about the opinion thing???
    But, Suvarna!! she just asked u for an opinion, not a decission isnt it. So, Priya! Make sure u take otherz suggestions and advices but bottom line is that u hav to b determined n knw wht to do. it doesnt matter whether ur decission is right or wrong…Just DO IT! Eventually u r the one whose goin to get deeper into the subject, understand them n face the reality in the corporate market. When it comes to a distant education stuff, it is mostly the same wid ny university I believe.
    Isnt it Suvarna???

    Newaz, I wish u a good luck Priya and do post ur mesages here and let us educate each otherz thru Suvarna’s Blog page

  10. Suvarna:

    Please tell me this. How would you describe the role of a manager and how important is he/she for the work??

    Please tell me one of ur experience.

  11. I can imagine you being nervous, the first coupla months are scary, bcos of all the hype, the unknown and the profs trying to prepare you for the worst. Its similar to reaching 10th std with all the board exam hype. Once you get close to your seniors or start accepting the fact that this is hw it is, i guess it will cool down. 😉
    about the role of a manager, cant you just wait till you open your textbooks? 🙂 kiddin!
    the manager is no doubt the most imp chap, the leader, the friend, philosopher and guide. a team cannot do without a manager or a leader, thats why you see a captian even in s sports team.
    he is responsible to have a vision and mission for the team, set objectives n goals, make sure these are achieved, motivate team members, be clear about the processes, handle contingencies with composure and give regular feedback and generate results as expected by the management.
    for eg, i was handling clearing activities of our branch. i had a team of about 4. the main objective was to make sure that the processed fin instruments from our branch reach the clearing house by the prscribed this was a time bound activity and risks were pretty high…things would go wrong if somebody was on leave, the volumes were high, somebody works slow or has a low tempo, there is no coordination among the members, there is a strike in the city etc.
    an ideal manager would generate results, keep all parties(customers, team and boss) happy and be branded the most reliable asset.

    this is just an unedited gist, i can go on and on about this..but i guess, your course will tell you more.

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestion Srikalyan Thangirala, wht you wrote is correct, everything depends on how we are into the subject and how we are dedicated to the subject and ofcourse, how we face it wen it comes to reality.

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for such an insightful artcile. I had appeared for CAT, SNAP & NMAT this year. Result of CAT & SNAP is good for me and expecting a few calls top b-schools but IIMs. I have a work experience of 5 years.
    in shipping / logistics. I am worried about the most imp. question asked by the panel. Why MBA ?

    As per me, presently i am looking after the customer service and documentation department, wherein i had to liaise with the different departments be it Accounts, Finance, Legal and most important overseas offices and clients. Everyday, my communication skills, co-ordination skills, leadership, conflict managment skills, anlaytical skills
    and managerial skills are tested keeping in mind the various aspects of business. MBA is a study of business and its aspects. In order to understand business you need to understand its aspects. Sinces
    dealing with aspects of business is an integral part of my job and
    as an enterprenuer, it is essential that i fill these gaps. MBA will help me in pursuing these goals and broaden my vision.

    Please advise whether this is a suitable reason ?

  14. Hi Suvarna:

    My first Class for MBA was really intresting. Loads of discussions, arguments and stuff. I always used to believe that students from America are so dumb. But, now I strongly feel that i am absolutely wrong. Man!!!!! they r incredible. I thought I wood lead the way. but, the class room session was jus overwhelming. It cannot get better than that.

    During the conversation, Professor tried to explain the process and product oriented approaches and their differences. I believe that it is good to have an continuous assessment of the component, there by havin a mentality of “Fix it now”, thereby comin up with a better product. Here, I understand that there are several factors responsible for that. meaning budject, time n other resources.

    She asked me a question to describe an actual situation from my personal workplace experience where I observed or used organizational learning or systems thinking and where I did not use it. I opine that, every organization must employ the learning system to constantly monitor their product and the market situations thereby increasing the growth of the organization. My answer was rather naive. Could you state soem of your experiences and the impact of the learning system and system thinking in the organization?

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Kalyan Tangirala

  15. Hi Smiley and Suvarna:

    After learning from Guru Suvarna..hehe, lemme try to answer this question.

    Given rapid technological change and increasingly global markets, there is an increasing need for MBA graduates who grasp the organizational and competitive possibilities enabled through and with information technology (IT). I am an IT guy and so lemme explain u havin my field into account. IT is now the prime driver and enabler of business strategy for many, if not most, organizations. The shear size level of investment in IT and its impact on productivity and competitiveness demonstrates the need for MBA students – whether majoring in Marketing, Finance, Management, or other disciplines – to possess skills and knowledge inherent to the field of information systems

    To my understanding, the main reason for doing an MBA is to facilitate a career change. I had been in the same, specialised, incestuous industry wid my bachelors, masterz years and the hope was that an MBA would open doors which would otherwise almost certainly remain closed. I just started and I feel that MBA provides me with an escape mechanism; as I read through the articles and stuff, I think that it rekindled my enthusiasm for learning and exposed me to areas and topics of business management that I would certainly never have encountered. Your success in achieving the award of MBA is goin to instantly recognised at workplace with a sizeable promotion.

    So, I hope I made reasonable comment on Why YEMBEEYEAH!!! Isnt it Suvarna!!!

    Cheers Smiley,
    Kalyan Tangirala

  16. Yup Kalyan seems to be bubbling with confidence! 🙂 great going buddy.
    also, smiley, you yourself have come up with a genuine reason.
    see, there are many ppl who dont knw why they should do the course? like me! i would have stumbled over this question, but thank god they didnt ask me. i would ve probably said that everyone else is doing it thats why 🙂
    but smiley, you seem to be knowing exactly what you are doing. its the perfect answer, you can say that with full confidence like what kalyan is showing 🙂

    kalyan, about the organizational learning part, cant think of anything right now, but will surely email you when i do.

  17. hey,i really appreciate the way u talked bout all the facts.m planning to go fr mba prog in hr.but the only problem with me ,that m nt that creative.i havnt done any presentations in my past life as such,so would my mba be a waste fr me

  18. Hi Sonali,
    Thanks for visiting. Please dont look at it like that. Tell me, why do you decide to do a new course? Is it becuase you already know about it or are good at it or is it because you want to learn something new?
    First of all, MBA or presentations are not entirely about creativity. Its about how you think, analyse and react to situations.
    The primary aim of presenting something is not to show your creative skills but is to reach out to your audience, convey your message to them, get their thought process rolling and initiate feedback. Creativity is just a means of making this process of communication more effective.
    While presenting, if your mind is clear about the motto that your message must be clearly communicated to the listener then creativity apne aap aa jayegi 🙂

    This insignificant reason should not stop you from wanting to do MBA. If anything, MBA only helps you be more creative! Take that from me. 🙂

  19. Hey,
    I went through all the discussion happening on this forum an dfound it very interesting interacting with people from same interests.I am an aspiring MBA candidate with B tech background.I am through with the round of applications and preparing for my interview.I was just wondering that if you oculd help me with some of the basic questions they ask and some basic intervie ethics.


  20. Hi Priya:

    After a small research I’ve got some luck . Here you Go:

    Be yourself; allow your personality to shine.

    Respond to questions honestly and candidly.

    Understand what is asked of you. Feel free to ask for a repeat if you don’t clearly understand a question.

    Avoid the “smart-aleck” reply or the clever-flip demeanor (you know, the effort to be cute, snappy alert, falsely witty).

    Do your homework on the school and program.

    Be on time. Look nice.

    Examine yourself. Know something about the MBA and how it can aid you.

    Discuss special interests and ask how the school may help you to pursue them. For example, one representative particularly enjoyed talking to a young lady about her interest in fund-raising management.

    Ask about faculty research and interests, especially in areas that concern you.

    Review with representatives your work background, highlighting the benefits you received from the experiences.

    Know something about the MBA degree and what it can do for you. Explore the possibilities of the degree as it relates to what you are seeking.

    Inquire about the school’s philosophy, approach, and direction. Since management education is young, many schools are still defining and redefining themselves in regard to what they do and how they do it.

    Inquire about facilities (library, computer equipment), housing, and campus life. A recent graduate chose a school based on its tremendous computer laboratory.

    If financial aid is critical to you, ask about aid sources, its availability, and the name of the person responsible for administering the program.

    Describe to the representatives who you are: your strengths, assets, traits needing development.

    Discuss your college work, making special reference to those courses/projects that were valuable, exciting, worthwhile, and important to your future.

    Be frank about problems — real or perceived — without rationalizing, apologizing, blaming, or excusing. Common problems may include grades, test scores, an inconsistent record, or minimal work experience.

    Good job Kalyan…hehe.

    Cheers Bud:

  21. Hi Priya,

    Thanks for dropping by. Kalyan has given some very useful tips..I would also like to add that you can make a list of questions you expect, think of suitable answers, write it down, and practice in front of the mirror. That way you can notice your body language and get the language flow without any stammers or repetitive words.
    Once you are confident about yourself, you can get a friend to do a mock intw for you.

  22. Hi vsuvarna & Kalyan,

    Hope u r doing fine. Thanks for responding. Now, i feel the confidence and hope will land at a good business school.

    @Priya – I am goin thru the same situation. But would like to reiterate that as the name PI denotes Peronal Interview, it is tool for a panel to know more about you and nobody, nobody knows better than u and u urself. Please do login to website This site is fully dedicated for MBA Aspirants & Alumni.

    Cheers !

  23. Hey suvarnaa….

    First of all, guess what.. u’ve come up on a google search I made, so that makes ya kinda famous… 🙂

    So here goes:

    I’m an engineer, with decent acads n stuff got a campus in india’s biggest it compy.. workin for more than a year. n got a few calls for mba..

    why i decided for an mba? 1. i’ve always had a passion for positions wherein i make key decisions, managing ppl rt thru my education.
    2. Sick of it, n the growth it offers.. its infinitesimaly small…

    But when someone says why mba?……. what to say man?? kuch to kaho……. doin my research on the why mba quesion too.

    ps: i can substantiate my claim using the thing i did in my work ex where in i did more of managing kind of roles.

  24. Hi stv,

    I was checking whether this really appears on google. It does!! Thanks for letting me know, feels good. 🙂
    Anyway, about why you want to do mba, you already have two points – 1 and 2, are you looking for more? Do you think the panel will not be impressed with these?
    Both of them are valid and both of them come from your heart, then why google for more? (though am glad you did that)
    Point 1 is my favourite- ‘your passion for positions where you make key decisions’; you can mention how you already had chances of being in managerial positions in college/work and how it much you fascinated you, so as to choose to learn about it as a field of study for self development and career growth.
    Also, would be good if you could check your company/work hierarchy and responsibilities/work profile of higher positions in it and how yours and each of their profiles contribute to the project/various aspects of it. I feel when they interview ppl with experience, more questions are based on the work dynamics itself.


  25. Aray yaar suvarna.. bilkul helped… “just what i was looking for” to be precise…

    carry on the gud work.. n wait till ya get famous.

    ps: could you post wat ya doin n ur qualifications ova here. I infer that u’ve done with ur mba.. but kab kaha aur kaisayyyyyy

    Rock on,

    ” What if life sucks… enjoy the B.J”.

  26. for all those who have sent me some queries, ruchi, palak, alice and apoorva, kindly check your mails. i have replied to all of you in the best way i could.
    if you dont find them in your inbox, you might want to check the bulk mail 😉 sometimes mail servers do this to me!!


  27. i have done my maths; i have my b-ed also. now i have given the management exams and am getting calls. now this is a most imp. question to me why i want do mba. According to me i have keen interest in corporate service sector. on doing mba i can get in touch in business environment get good business knowledge that helps me in my future career as i want to be a manager

  28. hey thanx for that little info guideline about mba’s.well to start with , m a computer engineer (B.E), but what people generally do it in 4 year’s, i did in 6 mba seems to be d obvious choice that could help me get a decent pay package(yeh only if i do it 2 years.only..hehe)..alright on a serious note do you think this year gap during my engineering will have a long term impact in my career, is der anyway i can reduce those deficit.? i have call from wellinkar mgmt institute, mumbai ,is dat worth doin an mba frm der n how bout icfai hyderabad,i would be really thankfull, if u can suggest somethin..
    thanks suvarna…tc..

  29. You’re welcome Uthup. I guess your 6 years shouldnt be a problem if you are able to perform very well in the gd & interview. At the end of it, the panel must be convinced that you’re capable of much more and that you can do very well in this course. So goes without saying, a lot of preparation should be going into it..and dont even think of taking your own sweet time to complete mba!! 🙂

    am not too sure how the BE will affect your placement, but if you take ur mba seriously and perform consistently in the top 10-20 and show lot of proactiveness/engage in lot of projects/activities you can make up for it and end up getting well placed (thats the only option now) 🙂

    my exp shows that being shy/reserved, postponing things to a later stage and not grabbing opportunities could be the biggest harm you do to yourself.

    both welingkar and icfai are good. however i just checked the 2007 bschool rating by BT and icfai has a better rank. Do apply for both. Here’s the link –

    Hope this helped..Good luck !!

  30. Hi Suvarna,

    I read the comments displayed here and they were really helpful.
    I have done BE Computers and have 2 yrs of exp. in Back Office Operations. I want to pusue MBA in Operations and have got admit letter from ICFAI Hyderabad. I have a call from NMIMS but I really do no have some concrete eason to write as to why I want to do MBA?
    Could you please guide me on the same?

    Thanks Prachi

  31. Hi Prachi,

    Congratulations! NMIMS and ICFAI, hyd are among the top b-schools 🙂
    You said you’ve gone thru all the above comments and you’ve not got an answer to your questionalready? 😦 am kiddin!

    So why do you really want to do an MBA? I cant read your mind, but i can give you some clues 😉

    1) Do you think that your technical background/BE needs to be backed by some management skills? Do you think it will add value?
    2) Did your 2 years experience teach you that management on the job is really interesting and that you need to learn more in the field so that you can perform better in your job?
    3) Is there a dream job that you have lately been thinking of (like, hr professional, marketing/sales professional etc) and do you feel that doing an mba can help you strenghten your skills and knowledge so that you can do very well in your dream job?
    4) Did you realise that a post graduate or mba graduate have numerous opportunities in the market or that it can improve your growth prospects?

    If it is any of these, i suggest you rack your brains and make a logical, long explanation out of it.. (with a whole lot of keywords) and practice it over and over again to be prepared to answer any question relating to it.
    If its not any of these, you tell me, what do you think?

  32. hey….hope my blog would take care of the lighter aspects of this discussion on “MBA” life…

    hey suvarna….gud job u doing….cheers from a fellow yem bee yae….which B-School u from?

  33. Sandeep, Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Just chked out your site, good idea of keeping a journal throughout your course. Will be fun to read all this later in life 🙂
    I did my mba from Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore.

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