IT’s Huge!

Man, sometimes how i wish i were an engineer, not an IT engineer, any engineer! The kind of demand there is for a 4 year engineering degree I wish I could relive my school days when I thought science of any kind is not my cup of tea(only to learn later that management is an art and a science!). Why should i ever have cared if its not my cup of tea? Thats not the point. The point is, 10 years hence i wouldnt be sitting here writing about IT and my experience watching it happen.

My few months experience as a resource manager for an IT marketing and staffing firm in the US has given me a decent understanding of the H1B recruiting scenario. x number of jobs, y number of prospects, x+y number of staffing consultants and x*y number of websites and resources. Its a haven of opportunities. Everybody is trying to survive, trying to make money. Dont you think this is the place to be?

In this catogory, I write in detail about topics related to the H1 job market in USA.


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