How it works?

The world is so full of wonders that I dont think a lifetime would ever be sufficient to explore! Man = Curiosity. We folks want to know everything. Ever since being, we have been discovering, inventing, learning and experimenting a great deal, now to the extent that i feel we must recoin the old saying “curiosity killed the cat” to “curiosity killed all the rats”. Yes, looking at the innumerable experiments being performed on rats i wonder if the day  will come when the race will be extinct. Extinct not only because we are killing them, but because they refuse to be born. What is the point anyway? However there is a surprise element to their lives. “Ahem, I wonder what I am being tested for today. Lets see, is it a psychometric test, an alcohol test(vodka only, pls), a dream test or a Common Admission Test??”

Just to give you a feel of it, here’s list of some experiments, performed on rats

·     Psychology tests

·     embryonic stem cell

·     inhalation and injection

·     alcohol addiction

·     nuclear RNA

·     biology of sleep substances

·     food viscosity influences

·     sleep and dreams

·     inheritance of training

·     attention and performance

·     and on and on and on and on

And this is just after scanning 4 pages of a total of 45 pages of google results on experiments on rats.

“sigh! are these guys as good as us?”

In this category, I write in brief, the info I google and find out to answer my doubts about simple things around that keep nagging me like say, why do we dream? I hope to keep explanations short and sweet!



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