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Now whats that all about? Your manager sets a goal for you (high enough, he knows you simply can’t achieve it). His reasoning, “aim high” “you aim for the stars and you fall on the treetop”.  Now why do you think he does that, why does he want you to fall on the treetop and not on the ground? Is he heartless, rude, insane?? Nope, how else do you think he can achieve his? Now, say your manager decides to lower your target this month. How do you take that eh? “The big fat idiot, he thinks he can teach me a lesson by trying to cut down on my commission. Now, I’ve got a better plan, let’s see what he does when I overachieve” vicious circle! thats the point.

In a competitive economy, targets will function to equalize the interest demanded by bosses and the interest supplied by you, resulting in an economic equilibrium of targets and interest and willingness to achieve them.


 Dilbert comic strip 1

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