Take Off

Well, that was a rather pushy heading. I still have no idea why am doing this. Am i serious about being a blogger? Only time will tell. But for a change, i wish to be serious about myself.

During my teens, i used to read a lot of magazines. Be it spicy articles or personal interviews of stars, models, politicians or writers, one word i often bumped into was “hypocrisy”. I dont know if that was some kind of buzzword during that time, but everybody had something or the other to say about hating hypocrisy, or of never indulging in such acts or of others being hypocrites. I used to think why adults practicing different professions or chasing different dreams, thought so much about this. Now i wonder, were they after all unknowingly exposing some signs of the very behaviour?

Well, this is exactly what i am going through as an adult. I feel i am a hypocrite, and the beauty lies in the fact that nobody has ever told me this. There’re two mes’ – ambitious but lazy, funny but sensitive, energetic but shy, optimist but gloomy, intelligent but dumb, cool but boiling!! I am both, but am different to different people, even me! wow! aint I fooling myself?

 This blog should help me validate my very claims of the above positive traits and not just hide but wipe out all of my negative traits. And that my friends, will be where i will full stop.


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